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baby with parents As a not-for-profit organization, Foundation For Reproductive Medicine accepts fully tax-deductible donations from the public in accordance with the law, and distributes 100% of collected funds with focus on human reproduction.

Why Donate to FRM

  • Focus on infertility solutions.
    FRM focuses on research and education programs that have strong potential to improve patient outcomes in reproductive medicine. Your contributions will be used only on projects that are likely to bring new, real solutions to patients struggling with infertility.
  • Tax deductible contributions.
    FRM has been granted a not-for-profit status by the Internal Revenue Services, allowing you to deduct your contribution in accordance with the law from your tax obligations.
  • No administrative overhead.
    100% of your contribution will go towards research and education, with not a single cent being withheld for administrative overhead.
  • Recognition of your contribution.
    FRM honors its supporters in the annual FRM supporter honor roll. Of course, we will maintain your anonymity if that is your preference.

For donations restricted to a specific research or education program, please contact us.